The Olympics Have Begun and I’m watching on my iPad!

The 2012 Olympic Games began about 45 minutes ago with the kickoff of the first event — a first round women’s soccer game between Great Britain and New Zealand. As I write, the USA’s Olympics begin in another 15 minutes or so as the women’s soccer team takes on France.

I’m watching NBC’s Live Extra app on my iPad right now and it’s a beautiful picture. I first used the app this morning on my iPhone and the picture, as expected, was brilliant on the small screen. Still, I wanted to see if it looked the same on my larger screen iPad.

At first, the picture through the ATT 4G  network was terribly pixelated — not worth watching at all — but I’ve experienced this effect before and knew that the picture would correct itself as it adapted to the 4G download speed. Sure enough, I changed to my home wifi network (which is not nearly as fast) and the picture was great. I went back and turned off wifi and the picture was now perfect through the 4G connection.

I also connected my iPad to my 46″ HD television using Apple’s HDMI connector and, after waiting awhile for the signal to correct itself for my high speed connection, the signal was again excellent.

Of course, you can watch the Games on NBC and its various channels (such as NBCSports) on your television, but the convenience of being able to watch on your mobile phone or tablet is very nice. I hope to take advantage of that when I travel this weekend and next week.

As I wrote earlier, to access Live Extra you must receive MSNBC andCNBC through a cable, satellite, or telco provider. Make sure you have the log-in username and password that you use with your service provider as they use it to verify your service. (It’s a pretty simple and safe process. I just did it and it took about 30 seconds.) If you don’t have this, contact your provider and they can set you up. Remember, you must subscribe to a tier that includes MSNBC and CNBC.

It is definitely worth it as you can watch ALL events live during the next 2½ weeks. Oh, did I mention the price is free?!

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