Top 10 Reasons I Loved the UTSA Ricrdo Romo Classic

Traveling is fun, but a 5-hour drive home on a Sunday after a far away meet through steady rain most of the way definitely put me behind on my work with, but it was a great weekend and I am so glad that I went.

Here’s my top 10 reason why it was a great weekend:

# 10. Being able to park really close to the start/finish line. (Thanks, Scott!)

# 9.The sheer number of races in one meet. Besides, the college divisions on Friday evening, there were fourteen races on Saturday. At UTSA each UIL classification gets its own race plus an elite “Gold” division.

# 8. The “levee”-like mound along the start for about 600m (and only about 200m from the finish straight provided an great place to watch everything. Bring along a chair and some binoculars and becomes the perfect place to relax and enjoy the meet. (I was surprised more people didn’t take advantage of it.)

# 7. The narrow, crowd lined finish seemed a big hit with the athletes as they ran a very long way with the parents and parents cheering them on.

# 6. The great weather throughout most of the day — cool with a light wind and thin clouds that kept the sun away until the last couple of hours.

# 5. Watching Leander Rouse’s Madie Boreman’s huge 42-second win in the 4A girls race. What made it really spectacular is that she is only a freshman!

# 4. The great Gold Girls race in which San Benito’s Brenda Lopez held off Devin Clark of Smithson Valley by a step at the end in a fiercely fought battle.

# 3. Visiting with the UTSA head coach Aaron Fox and former coach James Blackwood and finally meeting UTSA cross country coach Scott Slade.

# 2. Seeing so many old friends who I hadn’t seen in a long, long time. I miss hanging out with you guys — easily some of the finest coaches in the world and the best people, too.

# 1. The mud! I spent at least an hour at the mud bog watching athletes slip and slide through one of the deepest, thickest, stickiest mudpile that I have ever seen in a race. Untold shoes were lost in stuff that seemed infused with superglue. Countless times I saw shoes buried deep coming off and requiring strong 2-handed tugs from athletes seeking to retrieve them.

I’m already looking forward to next year, but right now I’m making plans for my next big trip to David Harrison’s Lubbock Invitational in two weeks.

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