Bev Kearney Steps Down at UT

Bev Kearney

After being placed on leave in November, the Austin American-Statesman reported today that Bev Kearney is stepping down as Texas’ womens’ head coach yesterday. (Click here for the American Statesman‘s interview.)

Kearney’s legacy at Texas will be long remembered including six NCAA national championships. Assistant Rose Brimmer will serve as interim head coach until a replacement is selected.

I heard a lot of stories about Coach Kearney during her tenure at UT and met her years ago, but never really know her well. My favorite memory of her was years ago as the sun set at a meet in College Station when I found myself starting to shiver as the chilly evening air descended upon the stadium. I looked around and there was Bev standing next to me with her arms crossed and almost shaking. We laughed and joked about how we should have been smarted than to go to a track meet without even bringing a jacket. We stood there and chatted for awhile longer before she had to go off to be a coach again. I remember thinking how she seemed so much more relaxed and personable when she seemed to be letting her guard down a bit.

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