Photo of the Week (May 11, 2015)

[Every week I’ll post an photo taken recently or pulled out from my archives of something I spotted in my travels. While usually a little off-beat, there is no theme – just a picture capturing something I think you might find interesting.]

San Antonio popsicle bike rack

San Antonio popsicle bike rack

I have to admit, I’ve never seen a bike rack made to look like a popsicle, but that’s what I found on the west side of San Antonio last weekend.

I was going around a block to return to a restaurant I had just passed when I saw this brilliantly decorated building. The murals first caught my eye, but then I realized that the giant popsicle was actually a bike rack! I grabbed my camera and took some pictures, but had to return early the next morning with a better lens to get a better shot.

Originally I thought the building was some kind of day care or children’s community organization building, but it was unmarked except for some small printing near the front door regarding a cultural arts center.

(This was shot with a Canon 60D and a Tokina 11-17mm lens.)

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